Born Under a Blond Sign

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Born Under a Blond Sign

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Length: 345 pages5 hours


Blond detective Ivy Stern has always had a complicated relationship with Miles Pike. When Miles hears that his younger brother Gilbert has shot five other college students and himself, Miles is obviously devastated. He can’t understand how his brother could have done it, and he hires Ivy to find out what drove his brother to commit the heinous act.

But as Ivy digs deeper into the case, she realizes there’s more here than a typical school shooting. There’s a drug dealer who entered the room and possibly never left. There are connections to the Irish mob. And there is the Pike family itself. They are wealthy and powerful, a dynasty that owns an influential corporation.

The more she knows, the further she is pulled into a morass of secrets, half-truths, and betrayal.

She thinks Gilbert was murdered.

And she’s going to find who did it

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