Doc King's Olde Reliable Remedy for Nail Fungus

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Doc King's Olde Reliable Remedy for Nail Fungus

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Length: 31 pages22 minutes


Nail fungus, "onychomycosis", is a frustratingly resistant condition to treat. Even with the most expensive methods of treatment of onychomycosis, the chance of a cure of the condition may be as low as 60 %. Dr. King, a board-certified family practitioner (emeritus) has successfully treated nail fungus for many years using a readily obtained remedy that all too many in the medical profession erroneously belittle as "a home remedy" or as an ineffective "natural" remedy. Dr. King's proposed treatment for onychomycosis is inexpensive, and it is at least as effective as the most expensive nail fungus remedies when properly used
The treatise tells in detail where to obtain the remedy, how to use the remedy, as well as how to treat it's most common side effect while continuing to use it.

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