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Issues of The Heart

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This book is written with the goal of helping the believer to be able to present a heart that is qualified to worship and serve God; a heart free from all other worldly issues. The author presents the fact that only a single hearted pursuit of God can lead to worship. A man worships what fills his heart. As a matter of fact, hearts that are filled with other things cannot be filled with God. Such people can never know true worship. The author further emphasizes that only those who know God can truly serve Him. As such, where a man’s inward knowledge of God ends, there his service also ends. Service must be the overflow of the knowledge of God. The author invites you to cooperate with God so that everything that has taken the place of God in your heart and that prevents you from serving God with your all will be uprooted so that you can offer a pure heart to God, qualified to worship and serve Him.
We recommend this book to you with prayer that the Lord will use it to help you present a pure heart to Him; a heart that is qualified to worship and serve God.

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