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Dancing Alone

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Darsi's shattered leg would never be the same. After three surgeries she still had trouble walking and her balance was off from the concussion. In the judgment of her doctors she was finished dancing for the next year or two, possibly forever. I knew how to dance, I knew what to do, and after weight training and working out I could handle Darsi's weight, but what actually happened was too vague. All I remembered was seeing her in the air, twisting out of control. Later, there were rumors about me losing my timing, not to be trusted, must be getting too old, he's too dangerous for a partner, his days are over. After those rumors many of the girls were reluctant to dance with me and finding a partner became harder and harder until finally, I left dancing all together. Things had changed, the people had changed, and my life had changed, all for the worse. Dancing is something I love, but I disliked the ego stroking, jealousies, politics, and affairs. Deep in your heart you know when things really change and your life is over. You know when that day comes along when you have to quit and walk away. You don't like being told the truth, you can't help feeling sick inside, you do your best to hide your tears, but you do have to walk away. Don't ask for help. Don't ask for anything. Just walk away...

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