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Mouschie and the Big White Box, A Pussycat's Journey Across Canada

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Have you ever wondered how a pussycat would react to traveling the countryside in an RV? I am Mouschie, and I'm about to tell you. First, that RV is more properly called a big white box because, just well, because. Second, when I say travel, I mean travel. We went all across Canada and down into the United States. That makes me an international pussycat traveler.

My people person actually did a good job in getting me used to my home on wheels. We got along, most of the time. Rosie made sure I had lots of treats and even let me take over part of the dashboard, when we weren't moving. I behaved, well, usually. There were a couple of instances involving toilet paper and me getting stuck behind a TV, but let's not dwell on that.

I do question what some of you humans call fun and how you seem to attract all those mutant dogs. I hate dogs. Some of the birds were kind of strange too. But, the adventures we had. We went on a highway that moves, could have missed that, saw a mutant building with one eye and were rained on by a very loud sky monster. I'm sure you humans have other names for these things. I put a cat speak translator in the back, just in case you need help.

Curious yet? You should be. I, Mouschie T. Kat, don't tell my story to just anyone. After all, I am the pussycat, which makes me the boss. Now, go read my book.

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