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The Billionaire Vampire's Progeny (The Billionaire Vampire's Memior, #3)

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Part 3 of the Billionaire Vampire's Memoir Series!

Emily Shields has been in the employ of the alluring, reclusive Vampire author known as Damian Corinth for over a year. But after spending the past six months apart to promote his tell-all memoir, Emily now has to break it to the centuries-old Vampire that she has cheated on him - with a Vampire Hunter, no less!

As if that wasn't enough, Emily must contend with a dangerous new player in Damian's mysterious game. The newcomer, Stephen, just happens to be Damian's own Vampire progeny - and he quickly casts doubt on many of the things Damian has told her about his own past. It doesn't take long before Emily finds herself wondering who she can trust, and even questioning her devotion to Damian. After all, they've been apart for so long... 

Emily is caught up in the passionate young Vampire's web... only this time, she's not so sure she wants to escape.


The vampire swirled the wine at the bottom of his glass. The deep red liquid shone like blood in the firelight. “It would seem you are rather fortunate that I am not quite so savage.”

“‘Just a little taste,’ that’s all you want, right?” Emily scoffed, throwing back the rest of the wine.

“If you are offering.”

Emily felt a stirring inside her. Once, Damian had spoken to her with such playfulness. It had never failed to excite her. The wineglass hovered inches from her parted lips for a few beats. Stephen continued on, a gleam in his amber eye.

“How long has it been since Damian drank of you? How long since you have felt the touch of his fangs?” His voice was a low whisper, and Emily found herself moving closer to hear him. His aura of cold no longer seemed so uncomfortable. It felt oddly pleasant, the chill, tingling sensation prickling the hairs on her skin. She could not be sure if the shiver that coursed through her was from the strange aura… or from a deep, buried longing it was stirring up. “He would never know. He might suspect. A vampire can sense things about those they have tasted, you see, but we have difficulty detecting one another. And even you would not betray me. I could seal your memory, make you forget I was ever here. Make you forget anything we might do together...”

Stephen’s hand was inches from her face. The sliver of fear that lingered in her was slowly being drowned out by a whirlwind of sensations, an aching desire to relinquish control and sink into the pleasant haze this charming, dangerous vampire’s words were conjuring up.

“I warned you once…” Emily pulled back, trying to sound scolding. In reality, she wanted the sensation to continue, but she couldn’t let him know it.

“An old habit. I’m not used to speaking with humans without using my glamour. I’ll try to be more... careful. ”

“Just tell me why you are really here.”

“Because we are very much alike, you and I.” The vampire smiled and seemed to shimmer. Suddenly the distance between them had disappeared. His nearness was palpable, his icy aura tickling at her skin as he leaned close against her. She was about to leap to her feet when a hand grasped her gently by the wrist. The coldness shot through her like an icy balm, relaxing her muscles and soothing the knot that had lodged in her stomach ever since she had woken this morning. Emily let out an involuntary sigh, unable or unwilling to pull away from the strange vampire. Stephen loomed over her, drawing her in. She shivered and braced herself, half expecting him to kiss her, waiting breathlessly for the sharp pain of his fangs on her neck.

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