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Her Student's Bimbo Vol. 2 (His Forbidden Fruit)

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Maribeth Ashley prided herself for being an easy going professor, professional and helpful. So there was one rule she broke—and kept on breaking. Her teaching assistant Gabriel didn't seem to mind; if anything he participated enthusiastically.

Things got interesting when Gabriel mistook a message and sent Maribeth the one student that had always made her mouth go dry...


I dug my fingers into my palm. It was so... weird to react this way to a student.
But, turning around, I had a blast of Simon and told myself not too many people could blame me.
While Gabriel was the good looking, charming head turner, Simon was a... well, heartbreaker.
You'd think someone my age would have gotten over that dreamy, quiet but intense type. But nope.
The first time Simon had stepped into my class, I knew he would be trouble. At the time, I told myself that it was just my dramatic self rearing its silly head. After all, there were a smattering of other Simons around campus. Not too many but there were a number of dark haired, handsome brooding types.
The thing was, Simon was built. I would never tell anybody, anybody at all but there it was.
Whenever I saw him, my stupid self just had to have that quick intake of breath as my eyes went over that strong shoulder, and then down to that wide, sculpted chest... and then lower, where that body tapered to flat abs and slender hips.
And it felt really wrong to talk about a student's ass but... I bit my lip.
I had realized pretty quickly that Simon had a crush on me, even though he never did anything about it.
But that meant that he very rarely had his back to me; those dark eyes of his loved watching me, a small polite smile ready on his face whenever he saw I was meeting his gaze.
It added to my guilt—that this young man had feelings for me and all I wanted to do was ogling his ass.
And yet.

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