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Identity Crisis; The Song of the Nagual

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For most of his youth the young man we know only as 'Al,' was a weekend warrior in pursuit of the fairer sex. All that changed while he was playing his guitar during an open mic night at his local bookstore. The change arrived in the form of a young lady who was reciting poetry. The poets name was Sara, and he was captivated immediately.
At first the relationship was like something out of a fairy tale, but like the fairy tales of old, this one did not end well for 'Al.' Things went well for awhile, but after moving in together things began to deteriorate. In a desperate attempt to salvage the relationship 'Al' proposed.
Sara refused. The end of the relationship was realized through her rejection.
For 'Al' being in the apartment he had shared with Sara was a torment. In an attempt to flee his emotional state he accepted a friends offer of a cabin he had inherited far from town. Unfortunately, hours from town an animal leapt in front of 'Al's vehicle causing him to veer off the road and into the ditch. Stranded, his only hope would come in the form of a slightly maleficent Sorcerer named Sam. When 'Al' finally found a cabin that showed signs of habitation he thought he was in luck. The assistance that he received came in the form of a very senile old man who had a strong dislike for salesman. Despite attempting to counsel otherwise, the old codger insisted that he was being visited by 'Al' Apparently they were long lost friends.
That night 'Al' wound up staying at the weirdest bed and breakfast ever.
Over breakfast he would be shocked again, because the man who served him had changed completely. No longer was his host senile, old, and decrepit. Thus beings the story of Sam and the Salesman. Sam claims to have summoned 'Al,' though the nature of who exactly wound up on his doorstep was up to the universe itself. Over the course 'Al's apprenticeship his expectations are shocked over and over again. Sam does not play by the rules, and as a result 'Al' has to swallow his pride on more than one occasion. Even so, 'Al' accepts Sam's offer of a new ticket, one as free from social constructs as his new name.
Throughout the course of their relationship 'Al' is introduced to the methodology of Sorcery, which includes the 'World of Appearances,' as well as both the Nagual and the Tonal, but in the end the ultimate introduction is too himself. One of the intrinsic aspects of sorcery is the focus on intent. Sam describes intent as being the end result of ones actions. In much the same way that Sam could not say specifically who would arrive on his doorstep, through his association with Sam, 'Al' eventually deals with the loss of his girlfriend, effectively accomplishing his own intent. When 'Al' leaves Sam's company, he is whole once again, and all the wiser as a result.

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