If this is reality, why is there so much unhappiness in the world? How do we know that what we see is reality? How do we know were not asleep and dreaming? If the world is a dream, whose dream is it? And what power do we have in the dream? To find lasting happiness and peace, let alone awaken from the dream, we must surrender everything we believe about reality, about life, and most definitely about ourselves. Advanced praise for Reality Is But a Dream "The notion of flowing, one-way time is perhaps the most basic illusion that exists, and is a major cause of human suffering and the fear of death and annihilation. Reality Is But a Dream is an invitation to give up this illusion in favor of a more fulfilling, accurate version of reality." Larry Dossey, MD Author, The Power of Premonitions "A profound and insightful glimpse into the nature of perception and the self. Vandeman's book challenges us to reconsider what we take for reality, and inspires us to wake up from our illusions about what that reality is." Richard Smoley Author, The Dice Game of Shiva: How Consciousness Creates the Universe Helen D. Vandeman is an intuitive, and author of We Are One: Using Intuition to Awaken to Truth, and The Thresholds of Intention: Crossing from Dreaming to Awakening. She lives in Berkeley, CA, and can be reached through her website: http://helenvandeman.byregion.net.
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