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Poetry is an ageless form of art. It speaks to our soul, gives rise to a myriad of emotions, and lays a foundation of intellectual stimulation that lasts long after we finish reading. Alan Gilbert delivers such fine poetry in his collection, All that Rhymes with Love.Influenced not only by the poets of the Romantic Era, but also more contemporary writers such as Phillip Larkin, Gilbert has developed a unique way of exploring evocative poetry in his range and style. Focusing on the main theme of love, Gilbert explores the incredible range of feelings from joy to sorrow associated with this all-encompassing emotion. Using lively, fun language, Gilbert creates an incredible tribute to love in all its varied stages. In “Make Me a Butterfly,” he shows how this delicate, winged creature personifies a devoted suitor waiting for his love to realize the truth of his feelings for her. “Loves Senses” takes a delightful turn in describing the different sensory aspects of love while “Reflections” focuses on an imagined conversation between a man and the mirror over his lover.Selected to appeal to a wide diversity of ages and tastes, the poetry in All that Rhymes with Love will challenge and inspire you to explore the most basic of all human emotions: love.
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