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BLACK DOG... A Marriage in Ashes

Length: 130 pages2 hours


Susan and Tom had it all...
Tom handsome, solid and successful; Susan was beautiful, artistic, reckless and lovable but they shared a secret – Susan was bipolar. Her domineering mother sent her into deep depression. But by moving to Hong Kong, they seemed to have left the black dog behind.

Both were happy until the irresistible and ruthless Oi Mei joined Tom’s firm. He was bewitched. She showed him a new world of sensuality; so different he thought his love for Susan would remain untouched. But Oi Mei had other ideas. Susan’s black dog jumped back onto her shoulders. Fatally.

Stricken with guilt and grief Tom returned to their native Tasmania, desperate for forgiveness.
But how can the dead forgive?

Had Susan found a way?

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