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New Thought Essays Vol. 1 Bridging Matter & Spirit for true & lasting wealth

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A unique and one of a kind essay on how each and every individual seeking wealth, success and a life that truly satisfies them can accomplish their objective with grace and ease. In our modern society where struggle, strain and physical discomfort has become a norm, we have become addicts of self-manufactured pain with seemingly no hope for a better experience. Many are those like myself who aren't aware that there is an inner side to success and prosperity and that spirituality isn't something you get, it's who you are!
This very simple and easy to comprehend material helps bring new light and understanding on how you can today start proudly attracting and manifesting wealth and all the riches you desire because you are about to find out in just a few words why that is your true nature. Playing small for one reason or another, justifying the desires of your heart or feelings of guilt or shame over the riches you have or would like to have will become a thing of the past if you spend a little going through this little volume. Not denying that there is still much to share around this topic but I certainly believe that this alone can become the missing piece for your success puzzle that brings your vision to life. More essays in this volume are available as well for easy download.

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