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Length: 146 pages2 hours


Marina Winston, a seamstress from Hollywood's golden age, becomes entangled in the dark threads of murder, power and revenge when her friend ends up dead after stealing money from notorious gangster Angelo DeCici. She soon finds herself brought before the sinister man known as 'the angel of death.'

Daring to bring the infamous mobster to justice, Myles Flynn lives with the haunting knowledge that Angelo DeCici is responsible for the death of his young wife and son. While investigating the murder of Angelo's girlfriend, he is introduced to Marina. The flames of love imagined long extinguished begin to burn. Realizing the pretty seamstress has drawn the interest of Angelo DeCici, he vows to save her. A fateful sequence of events places Agent Myles Flynn on a collision course with his arch nemesis.

Passionately in love with the man fighting to rescue her, can Marina cut the sinister strings Angelo DeCici has woven around her without falling prey to him, and losing Myles forever?

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