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Turn It Down

Length: 136 pages2 hours


Fent has several loves: science, invention, God, and then this girl named Sarah who has ravished his heart. But Fent has a bad habit of getting in trouble, even though he’s an honor's student and a guy who wants to be a good Christian. And then he has a friend named Boink who gets him in trouble, but always evades getting caught. Always trying to put his best foot forward with Sarah, he seems to slip up every time.

But when he starts a science experiment with a new friend named Dante, life begins to change. Not always for the better: It doesn’t help that the experiment requires ear-bleeding music. Whatever way it goes, the story takes you through ups and downs, and you’ll howl at the antics.

Find out what happens with Fent’s infatuation with Sarah, his new friendship, his botched interview with a TV reporter named “Square Jaw,” his mouse named Megadeath, and his memory of a dead guppy.

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