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Taken by the Highlander (Falling for Love, #2)

Length: 57 pages47 minutes


Aileen was just starting to settle into her life in the 1700’s when she was given life altering news.

She could return to her own time.

Suddenly her marriage of convenience has become a prison trapping her in the past. No amount of gorgeous red curls or toe curling interludes will change the fact that she’s a prisoner in her own home. Or will it?

Roderick is struggling to find the balance between being laird and new husband. With the rebellion is escalating around him, he struggles to balance the attention between his wife and his clan. All is fair in love and war.

To keep her secret Aileen must pretend that nothing is wrong. She must keep up her image of perfect wife or risk suspicion. But with the passion between them growing, Aileen finds it difficult to keep her desire for Roderick from overruling her desire for home.

Returning home would mean leaving Roderick forever.

Will she make the jump for home? Or will she be Taken by the Highlander?

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