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Hypnotized, Sissified, Hogtied & Humiliated by My Wife

Length: 31 pages28 minutes


“Having a cock inside me was every bit as wonderful as I’d fantasized. Steve’s member was hot, and it pulsed with life—so unlike the cucumber, which had only grown warm with the help of my body heat. I thought about the fact that my wife was standing mere feet away, witnessing my humiliation, and my own prick began to stir.”

Roy Williams is a devoted husband with a big secret: when his wife, Catherine is away, he likes to explore his feminine side by posing in her bras and panties. One evening, he's digging through her underwear drawer and comes across a set of cassette tapes with the tantalizing title "You Can Become the Ideal Wife (In & Out of the Bedroom)," and can't resist taking a listen.

Little does Roy know, the cassettes are part of Catherine and her coworker, Steve's plot to hypnotically transform him into the perfect sissy slut. With each lesson, Roy's behavior becomes stranger: driven by irresistible compulsions, he puts on makeup, dons sexy dresses and learns to walk with a feminine sashay. He even begins to experiment with anal pleasure.

In the story's erotically-charged climax, the utterly transformed Roy gets hogtied, whipped and taken from behind by his wife's lover while she watches, directing the action.

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