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‘INSIGHTS’ - ‘Only 72 seconds away from TULSA’

Are you just 72 seconds away from experiencing living your dream? Only a heart beat away from life changing euphoria and destiny? Can the code identified in an ancient acronym – ‘TULSA’ – buried deep in ancient wisdom texts and within your subconscious mind, ‘cause’ you to remember who you truly are? Can just ‘33.3’ seconds ‘holding the vision’ of a desired mental image in your subconscious mind, tilt the balance lever of life into your favour? Will this guidebook, offer you an illusionary silver bullet or an iron fist within a velvet glove that will cause your self-confidence to explode?

Welcome to ‘INSIGHTS’- a key summary of the author’s main book titled: The ‘3-3-3’ Enigma– An Invitation to Consciously Create Your Reality. It addition, it includes a new bonus addition, providing fascinating, mysterious, intriguing and possibly frightening information unearthed; relating to secret Mayan numbers and their possible links to a ‘P-Codex’ riddle, ground pyramids, Lunar phases of the Moon and the current showing across the planet of the: ‘4 Blood Red Moons of Doom?’ Could these ancient messages displayed in code, link to our Sun’s polar movement towards a total magnetic field reversal?

The author sees this guidebook as providing you with important knowledge in the fascinating and mysterious fields associated with your unique power to create your reality. This is brought forth through the power of your thoughts and subconscious mind, directly linked with the Law of Attraction and your Creative Source Energy. This knowledge and understanding offered to you now, will engage, activate and communicate with dormant powers residing within your powerful subconscious mind to experience your desire.

1000s’ of man-hours were used to research and find hidden ‘golden-nuggets’ of life changing knowledge linked to the mystery of life; extracted from across the planet and beyond current frontiers of science and understanding. From the Hindu Vedanta teachings and Upanishads, Chinese ancient wisdom and I-Ching teachings, Mayan and Egyptian texts and hieroglyphs, to world religions and modern day contemporary and esoteric teachers and messengers. In all of this, the author has found an exclusive thread, stretched across the eternal hallway of mirrors, interwoven into a wonderful tapestry of hidden wisdom. This has enabled building, ‘piece by piece’, the solutions to the mystery of life – the assembly of your jigsaw pieces - revealing some amazing discoveries. One such discovery is your power to create and realise your desires, using a mentally constructed pyramid model!

So what is the big idea? Hidden from mankind over the millennia are 12 words that say: ‘How to ‘Let-In’ your Source Creative Energies to manifest your desire!’ The author has discovered this elusive, evasive, secret; by reconstructing an ancient ‘Twin Peaks of Creation’ system, incorporating a specific desire creative process. It seems we have all missed the significance of the importance of how to connect with our inner subconscious mind symbolically and to use mental tools that can aid the focusing and amplification of human thoughts. The key here is that mental and emotional negativity can be transmuted by being able to ‘Let-In’ your natural wellbeing Source Energy. The only thing stopping this happening is your innate resistance; through poor faith, old out-dated beliefs and constant stream of negative vibes impacting you from your conscious mind.

How can you seriously change your life now? Decide to! Get to know why there is a big difference in wanting something rather than choosing. Learn how to give attention to ‘holding the vision’ and ‘living that dream’. You will then realise that dream!

Enjoy with love
Denis George

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