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I had a desperate need to be inside this woman. My tongue invaded her mouth, my shaft plunged into her sex and my fingers reached under her gently rolling body to find the tight ring of her anus.
“You filthy fucker,” she gasped when my digit probed at her sphincter. “Oh fuck!” she yelped when it slid beyond the resistance of that muscled hoop. My remaining fingers dug into Robyn’s flesh while I fingered her dirty hole and increased the tempo of my fucking. Again I pushed my tongue between Robyn’s lips to kiss her. Her eager sucking at my tongue and her squeals of delight told me all I needed to know.
For a few minutes there were no words spoken. The only sounds were our grunts and moans of pleasure and the obscene, wet sounds of our coupling. Eventually, after stabbing and grinding into Robyn’s sex I hauled myself upright and gasped. Oh......!!

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