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At age 11, Edna Mae walks alone along the old drawbridge. Summer heat beats on her and the calm river below. The bridge draws her to her rapist, and launches her extraordinary life. In an altered state, she kills her rapist. Or does he kill himself? She doesn’t know. He vanishes. She escapes the bridge that hot day in 1939. She finds refuge in her girlfriend Toni.

But her rape on the bridge shapes her.

Her rapist’s disappearance haunts her.

Sex fuses with violence. Despite an enduring lesbian love with Toni, Edna Mae must seek dead male bodies during sex. She needs to know her rapist is dead, no longer a threat. As she ages, she marries and births a son. But her dead rapist stalks her. She becomes a sex addict and multiple murderer. She shape shifts into animal form. She wades the river shallows and hunts in the body of her totemic heron.

And men die.

In 1989, Edna Mae is 61. Toni dies of cancer. Edna Mae and her longtime friend, Ida, give Toni a river burial. They lower Toni into a shallow grave dug in the river mud. With Toni claimed by the river, Edna Mae is freed to confess the murder of her rapist 50 years earlier. With her knees bending backwards, she walks as an albino heron from the bridge to the police station. But will the cops believe her?

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