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Flight of MAN... Book Two: Saturn's Vanguard

Length: 268 pages4 hours


The sun, Sol, protected mankind for thousands of years and the solar system for millions before that. It was prophesied the Earth would end in 2191. Who knew thirty five years later that prophecy would come true! On that day, Sol reached out to save what planets it could from an attack beyond our imagination.

A star, Bane, tore into our backyard bent on snuffing out all traces of our people. We all knew Bane’s henchmen planets would ultimately destroy our Earth but it was Sol that held Bane, pulling it from the murderous rampage, to spare Mars. Still the two giants battle in the sky above and now we give thanks to our protective star. Sol, the marvelous ball of gas did what no God has done, actually saved our tiny butts!

Science Fiction at its Best!

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