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Daniel Fasting – 15 Minutes Recipes for Healthy Mind and Body

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Are you ready to transform yourself and your lifestyle in the most perfect manner? Are you ready to give Daniel Diet Plan a chance? If you are ready to get started with this groundbreaking healthy lifestyle program focused on biblical principles and based on the essentials: Friends, Focus, Fitness, Food, and Faith.

This book holds all the information you require to get starting with a program that offers an innovative approach towards achieving a better, healthy lifestyle. All the essentials mentioned above will influence and support you to achieve your life-long goal.

This book will cover:

1. All about Daniel Diet Plan

2. Frequently asked questions related to Daniel plan to help you get started

3. Guide to help you get started with a different lifestyle

4. List of good foods allowed while following a Daniel diet lifestyle

5. 15 minutes 50 Daniel Diet recipes to savor categorized into breakfast, main course, and desserts

Read on until the end and learn everything you want about Daniel diet plan and get your apron on to try out all the recipes by yourself.

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