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A Miracle & A Surprise For The Mail Order Brides (A Pair of Clean Western Historical Romances)

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Mail Order Bride: A Miracle Of The Heart - A pregnant and widowed English woman travels across rough seas, trying to reach her promised mail order husband in California. She runs out of funds in St. Louis and it’s only through the kindness of strangers that she is saved. On the other hand, her cowboy has many trials of his own and it’s only through the kindness of strangers also, and one in particular, that there is a chance of them ever meeting up.

Mail Order Bride: Cash Wright & Widow Poor - A widow from Boston, left penniless by her husband’s spending habits, decides to travel to Colorado on advice of a neighbor, who has a brother there. She attempts to learn about frontier chores beforehand but finds that on the train ride out west, there’s a man who appears to be a much harder obstacle to overcome.

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