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The Greatest Investment of the 21st Century

Length: 88 pages1 hour


This ebook is the second time in 24 years that the author has communicated with the public about an unusual investment that can generate a large sum of money on a small investment. The last time was the author's recommendation to buy Bitcoin at $13.00. (original price $0.75). Eventually, Bitcoin hit a peak price of $1,200 per coin. A $130 investment would return $12,000 in five years.

Sam J. Haim is the former business manager to the pop singers Michael Jackson and Madonna. At the age of 26 Mr. Haim increased Madonna's net worth from $90 million to $1.8 billion over an 18 month period prior to 1990. Mr. Haim founded Lionsgate Studios (est. 1989 – The Hunger Games.)

The ebook describes the foundation of facts for the ultimate conclusion that this investment is the greatest investment of the 21st century. The investment is extremely unpopular as Bitcoin was for the first five years. The same naysayers of Bitcoin have ruthlessly attacked the veracity of this investment as well. The main motivation to allow themselves the most incredible greedy profits possible by purchasing at the lowest prices since there is very little investment demand for this idea.

The ebook includes an introduction, clickable table of contents, data tables, one 2 minute video, an eagle eye index and two edition updates making it current for the year 2015. The specific investment mentioned in this ebook can be purchased for as little as $15.00 to over $1 million depending on a person's greed level.

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