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A Beautiful Apocalypse

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Two years ago, civilization was overrun by one of humanity’s biggest nightmares: flesh-eating zombies.

As if the threat of the undead wasn’t bad enough, the remaining humans have separated into small groups of survivors, many of whom are willing to kill anything that moves to ensure their own safety.

In a world where nobody is trustworthy and nothing is as it seems, three friends fight for their lives as they travel from Austin, Texas, toward Mountain View, California. There, Sophie, Johnson, and Ephraim hope to put their larger plan in motion: restarting the servers of Earth’s largest technology corporation.

Guided by principles of human consciousness located in a mysterious journal, they learn that they must stay aware of the awe-inspiring beauty and joy that remain in the world despite a postapocalyptic culture of violence and fear.

A gripping adventure tale inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, A Beautiful Apocalypse serves as a testament to the triumph of the human spirit and the all-encompassing will to survive.

“A Beautiful Apocalypse is a splendid presentation of Integral ideas in a novel form—a highly readable, engaging, and altogether fun novel. Give it a little time and see if you don’t agree...”
Ken Wilber—An Integral Vision

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