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In Your Autumn Garden with Plews Garden Design

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“In Your Autumn Garden with Plews Garden Design” is part of our ‘gardening almanac for the 21st century’ series has seasonal gardening tips, garden design ideas, ‘how to’ hints plus a liberal sprinkling of photographs and original illustrations to help you get more from your autumn garden, whether that's actually doing or just reading about gardens and gardening.

Contents include:
Inspiration for autumn planting
Harvesting and cultivation
The folklore origins of many gardening traditions
Essential garden tasks for autumn
How to get the most out of your garden and enjoy doing so
Seasonal recipes

Anyone who has read the Plews weekly blogs or monthly gardening articles will know the wide range of interests held by the author so will be reassured to know that anecdotes about plant history and folklore appear and the usual quirky comments about gardens and gardeners.

Added to all this there are plenty of photographs to inspire and amuse; along with some original illustrations.

Oh, and a glossary to explain some of those odd terms that gardeners use and you have to pretend to understand...

In short, we’ve aimed to create a book for you to read from cover to cover or dip into as the mood takes you.

Plews Autumn Garden eBook completes the seasons of the year; and you may like to check out our previous eBooks “In Your Winter Garden with Plews Garden Design”, “In Your Spring Garden with Plews Garden Design” and “In Your Summer Garden with Plews Garden Design” also available on Smashwords.

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