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Alien's Bride: Meredith

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Meredith isn't going to betray her people--no matter how compelling her alien conqueror is.

Meredith and the rest of the settlers on Jupiter's moon hid from Earth's alien tyrants for years, but now they've been discovered. A few escape on a ship, but the rest are captured and made the property of the Dak-Hiliah Empire.

Commander Jaximor is in charge of enslaving the settlers and harvesting brides from their ranks to aid his depleted population. It becomes clear that several of the colonists are missing. While his mother ship takes the rest away, he stays behind to track down the escapees. He knows Meredith is a navigation expert who likely helped her fellow settlers to get away. Jaximor demands Meredith help him find the missing settlers.

He's also decided he'll take the feisty woman as his bride.

As Meredith gets to know Jaximor, some deviant behavior gives her pause. There was a reason this commander was assigned to wear her down. Jaximor has an unusual skill set that can be applied to both a lover and an adversary.

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