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Apulia: A Car Trip

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In Bari – Apulia’s capital city – they say: “If Paris were by the sea, it would be like a small Bari.”

Presumption or arrogance? No, just pride (for which these people are famous, apart from their keen sense of humor). The satisfaction of living in a city that successfully blends art and deep historical roots with a very modern spirit of business enterprise. Traditionally the “land’s end” that bridged Italy with the worlds of Greece and the Middle East, Bari enjoyed its “golden age” during medieval times.

The Cathedral and Church of St. Nicholas, with their Romanesque forms, bear majestic witness to that period. You can see traces of the ancient trading and social contacts with the Greek world in the Archaeological Museum.

In many areas of Apulia, there is a blend of history and art. In Bari, you will discover monuments and cathedrals dating from the medieval era. Also in Brindisi, Andria, Barletta, Trani, Ruvo di Puglia, Lucera, Troia, Manfredonia, Otranto, and Gallipoli. Belonging to another era yet equally precious and extraordinary is the flourishing of the baroque architecture in the town of Lecce.

This guide leads you in a fifteen days visit to Apulia. It starts from Ortona a Mare. It goes through Vasto, Campobasso, Lucera, Foggia, Troia, Melfi, Potenza, Gravina, Matera, Taranto, Gallipoli, Otranto, Lecce, Brindisi, Alberobello with its Trulli, Bari, Barletta, Trani, Castel del Monte, the Gargano peninsula, Termoli, to end up again in Ortona al Mare.

It also describes a possible visit to the Tremiti Islands from Termoli.

There are photos and descriptions of the attractions, as well as travel info.

It includes a chapter on the food and wine of Apulia. Active links to local recipes are present in the digital ebook editions.

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