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Bayou Bounty, No Matter the Twists and Turns, the Trail Always Leads Back to the Heart

436 pages8 hours


Jerry the bail bondsman hires bounty hunter Lou Ogletree and her crew Nathaniel Onebear and Donny Jackson to find a bail jumper, Dr. Grace Byland, and bring her back to stand trial for murder.

Out on bail, Grace thinks she knows who really killed the man the DA’s office claims she killed. She just has to prove it, but she can’t. The killer is too powerful. He owns the world where she lives and works. So Grace does what she does best. She runs back to the Bayou swamps to hide until she can come up with a plan. She’s determined to prove who’s doing this to her. She wants to enlist the help of experts.

Grace doesn’t know it yet, but the experts she needs are busy getting lost in the swamp searching for her. Lou and her team of bounty hunters suit the doctor’s needs perfectly. When a poisonous snake bites Lou in the swamp, Grace sees an opportunity. She reluctantly treats the female bounty hunter who hates her. Can Grace convince Lou and her bounty hunting team to help her prove her innocence?

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