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Six Pack Ranch



After the stories are done, their stories go on.

One of the great parts of writing a long, family saga is that I get to revisit characters who have already hit their happily-ever-after. Over the past couple of years I've written short vignettes revisiting characters from the SIX PACK RANCH series. They're written specifically for readers who have already enjoyed the main stories. These short visits with favourite friends were sent out in newsletters.

But, for those readers who want to have them on their ereader, I've made them available digitally for your convenience. Check first to see where each vignette fits into the full series if you want to avoid spoilers for books you haven't yet read!


Reading Order for the combined SIX PACK RANCH and THOMPSON & SONS series

Coleman family tree (original and most up to date)

Coleman ranch map

The following vignettes:

Making Memories (Blake & Jaxi) 2K words

Never Too Far (Vicki & Joel) 2K words

Home Building (Gabe & Allison) 2K words

Rubber Boot Romance (Travis, Cassidy & Ashley) 3K words

Lights & Secrets (Blake, Jaxi, Travis, Cassidy & Ashley) 4K words

A Daddy's Love (Blake/Jaxi & family, Daniel/Beth & family) 4K words

Chapter One of A Rancher's Heart

As of the end of 2018 there will be no further updates to this collection.

I hope you enjoy these short visits with the Colemans!

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