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Some Healing Waters You Can Buy on Internet

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In this e-book the reader will find an Introduction to 14 healing waters: what they are and how they can be used for their therapeutical powers. Then, in chapter 2, the complete properties of each water are presented: action on emotional and mental problems, indications for physical disturbances, special uses (for example, purification of the environment), the meridians (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and chakras on which the water acts and the analogy with Bach flower remedies. Information on how you can purchase these waters on Internet are also given.

Healing waters can be found in shrines or temples of various religions, but also in archaeological or naturalistic sites. Some of them are very famous, like the waters from Lourdes, Fatima and the River Jordan; but some other are important as well... discover them in this e-book! Being similar to homeopathic and Bach flower remedies, these waters are a strong aid to promote mental and physical wellbeing.

LIST OF THE 14 WATERS EXPLAINED IN THE E-BOOK: Delphi (Greece), Fatima (Portugal), River Jordan (Israel), Kibune (Japan), Lourdes (France), Machu Picchu (Peru), Maranatha (USA), Omiwa (Japan), Our Lady of Knock (Ireland), Saint Ann (USA), Saint Columba (United Kingdom), Saint Nectan (United Kingdom), Saint Paraskevi (USA), Santa María de Guadalupe (Mexico).

The e-book also contains photos and illustrations about the discussed subjects.

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