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Antoine Watteau Drawings

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One of the most bright and unique artists of the 18th century, living only 36 years, Antoine Watteau had an influence on the development of Rococo art in France and throughout Europe. Appreciation for the Watteau like draftsman has always been equal to that of his paintings. He usually not to have made sketches for programmed compositions, but it seems that filled his sketchbooks with penetrating depictions of figures drawn from life, which he would later dig for his paintings. Watteau drew for the reason that he loved to do this. Sketching continuously was the way he came to recognize the world around him. He was anxieties with public life; but his art is actually enigmatically private. What it really concentrates on is the instant moment. This is what Watteau senses with astounding genius. His ability to drawn is truly amazing. But even more impressive is his modernity.

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