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Unknown Place, Unknown Universe (The Worm Hole Colonies: Prelude to the Alien Invasion Thriller) Volume 2 of The War for Iron: Element of Civilization

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Three rookie space cadets crash on an unknown, inhabited planet!

Stone, son of Iron Cross winner Jake Nanden, a nerd and a feminist from the Space Fleet Academy crash-land on an unknown planet in an unknown star system with jackal-headed aliens hard on his tail, after falling through a worm hole, in this gripping science fiction thriller.

The primitive natives are friendly but as their exploration of the colonized planet progresses, the new arrivals uncover a shocking secret. Stone must grapple with some deep metaphysical questions to gain control of the situation.
Meanwhile, two rebel alien scientists battle against an alien Imperial Empire, which is stretching out its grasp toward Earth.

Will Stone and his companions find a way to fix their starship and escape in time to save Earth from alien invasion and colonization?

If you like Stargate, Flight of the Phoenix, Stephen Baxter, Arthur C. Clarke or Greg Bear, you will just have to read this breath-taking part two of the epic Iron Series.

The amazing final part of this adventure, Worlds Like Dust, is now available!


1. Unknown Place

Kek-suîxjh looked out over the hills surrounding the city, his mournful, long-snouted jackal face staring back at him from the transparent walls of his office.
In a moment of childish caprice, he tried to smile but his reflection just grinned back with a sickly parody of a smile.
It has been so long since I was happy.
His two pups had grown up, or at least one had, and even though his wife still looked as beautiful as ever, he felt the weight of age grow heavy. He returned to his desk and stared at its blank surface. He sometimes had to force himself to look away, to see the big picture, before he could remember why he had been trying to solve this problem. Religion, and his speciality, metaphysics, were not the pleasurable subjects they used to be; thinking no longer divorced from real life. Now, he yearned for one thing; to return a feeling of optimism, and yes, faith in religion and science, to the people of the planet Ito.
What if… God allows the transgression of time-laws but only under certain conditions?
The transparent surface of the desktop filled with physics formulae to describe his thoughts but they did not produce a pattern he could accept.
No. Wipe that.
The desk became blank.
He glanced again at the sky-scape through the side of the building. A light blinked and traversed the wall; a transporter, no doubt on route to one of the many city depots.
He mourned for Isch-su. One of the last alive who had grown up on the planet Isch-su, he remembered her beautiful shores under a much milder sun.
And all that green! So much of it wherever you looked!
But they had destroyed it all. Chlorophyll, the building block of vegetation, had provided nearly everything they needed. They had become over-dependent and overproduced...

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