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Infinite Blue Heaven (They Warred like Chess Players for Central Asia)

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Warning: Contains themes of an adult nature.

A heady mix of sexual politics, royal intrigue, revolution, incest, honour and military strategy.

Set in the Steppes of Medieval Russia, this is the romantic epic of warring tribes, of King Vaslav, his princess, Shakira and Lord Bulya who is trying to take the throne. A white Russian with modern European ideas about art and warfare, he is unprepared for the military game of chess which will envelop his world and threaten his love, the Princess-lover Shakira. Set in 17th Century Central Asia, battle in the desert, warring nomadic tribes, internecine warfare and political intrigues are all themes set out in this rich thriller. Experience this medieval kingdom on the cusp of the industrial, modern age, but threatened from within by greed and desire.

Includes Chapter One of Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate for FREE.


Chapter One

I am floating. I am not sure which part of my life this is. But I am happy.
Her name is Shakira and she is the love of my life. Sometimes we fight and sometimes people look at the world around them and one day, perhaps, men will look beyond the stars.
She often reminds me of her mother but she is more than her mother. She is a princess. We make love together but always we are happy. We look into each other’s eyes and so...

I am King Vaslav I and this is my palace.
My personal chambers, on the third floor, are directly opposite hers and both lead on to a wide echoing corridor, lit by oil-soaked torches, day and night. The flag-stones would be cold to a bare foot’s touch but are covered with a long, midnight-blue carpet, and the walls are draped with red cloth and tapestries to keep in what heat there is. Every ten paces or so there are tables, adorned with flowers and some with fruit, and some have oil paintings over them. These are mostly of country scenes but some feature my ancestors and distant relatives. One of them, of my Uncle Alzibor, makes me laugh so much, because it looks nothing like him! He is a fat old man, corpulent but this portrait would have him as a lithe buck in his early twenties.

Next to the tables are high-backed chairs, also upholstered in red but this time, a felt material of the finest quality. I have tried to make the place as cheerful as possible since my wife died. Of course, at first I was almost defeated by it, by there came a day when I leaped out of bed and instructed my clerics to start ordering all the finest materials for the refurbishment of the whole palace. I would not have this princess growing up in a gloomy place.

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