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Mermaids and Pirates, the Little Mermaid and the Prince, book one: Lust

Length: 61 pages59 minutes


ADULTS ONLY (Description edited for PG-13) Merisa, the Little Mermaid, Granddaughter of Poseidon, Goddess of the Seas was infatuated with the young two legged Prince. Her dream was to become human, dance on two legs, music, laughter and SEX. The Prince was very masculine and handsome, the young mermaid wanted him.
Merisa had seen her own reflection in the water and believed she was pretty, but wondered if she was pretty enough to pass the Prince’s First Inspection. He had thrown many mothers and fathers overboard for bringing their ugly duckling to him. All the two legged girls the Prince chose to deflower were beautiful, most had dark hair and all were slender. She thought she was pretty, but was she pretty by hu-Man standards?
The Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne took hold of the petite young woman by her shoulders and slowly turned her around and bent her over the captain’s table; her feet dangled inches from the floor.
She squealed, “No, no please not like...”
A back hand smacked her buttocks and quieted her cries to muffled sobs. He leaned over her and whispered into her small delicate ear, “That’s better my love.” He knelt down on his knees and began a close inspection of the young maiden: the Second Inspection. If she were unclean he would unceremoniously toss her out of his quarters. He had dismissed several girls in that manner for not cleaning themselves before being presented to him. Of course he would keep her clothes. It would serve her right.
On this virgin’s skin he detected the sweet fragrance of lemon and lilac. She was exquisite; the contours of her body were the best of the lot to date, by his standards, which were the only ones that counted.
He would have to see what her parents looked like, especially her mother. His Grand-Uncle William lll, King in Prussia advised him on the first rule in choosing a Royal Wife; See what her mother looks like for all girls grow up to look like their mother. He didn’t want some fat old cow parading around at his side in his later years, so he took heed in his uncle’s advice. His uncle went on to say, “Of course that bit of advice does not apply when one is deflowering a pretty young maiden just for sex, who cares what her old hag of a mother looks like.”
This night as on previous nights the Prince was opening birthday gifts one after another, pretty soft gifts wrapped in lovely silk gowns and wearing shoes from Paris. They were all delicious young virgins, of marrying age, ripe and ready to be sampled. Their parents went to a lot of trouble to bring their little darlings to him to be deflowered and that, by God, is what he was going to do.
The Prince was sexually intoxicating to the young Mermaid and the young two legged virgin maidens who waited in line to be Royally Sexed. On the previous night, from her perch outside the ships portal she watched the young Prince deflower identical twins. He slowly stripped both girls...
Merisa, was of such age and was indeed in need of opening.
The young sea maiden had eavesdropped around the ship from porthole to porthole collecting bits of conversations between parents and daughters. She pieced the bits of information together; the mothers and fathers of these young girls were hoping the Prince would choose their little darling to become his bride, and perhaps eventually the Queen of Great Britain.
The storm came in from the east. The captain: full of drink; misread its direction, its intensity and its strength. The storm struck as if Poseidon himself had descended upon them.
Merisa was injured while saving the Prince from the sinking ship and now the scent of her blood was in the water. The Monsters would go insane at the mere hint of the young mermaid's exotic blood. Crazed with lust and driven by a blind blood thirst and would travel hundreds of miles from every direction. They would be coming, in fact, they were racing toward her and the Prince at that very mome

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