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A Dragon to Love - Part II: Prince Trilaine's Story

Length: 23 pages8 minutes


This is the continuation of the trilogy, A Dragon to Love. This tale introduces Part II: Prince Trilaine's Story. It shares the life and adventures of Prince Trilaine, with his loving parents, Queen Manya and Prince Laramar, of Beles. You learn about his knighthood training, where he excels in weaponry and horsemanship, and becomes the best jouster in the realm; and wherever he goes, the young maidens 'swoon on their feet.' You're introduced to a grand Ball at Dragonore where all the eligible young women of Epania are invited; all hoping they will be the one to catch the prince's eye, and live happily-ever-after in Dragonore. Prince Trilaine is captivated by a young maiden in a royal blue gown. Shortly after the glamorous and exciting Ball, the Royal Family is plunged into grief. The last section of the story sets the stage for Prince Trilaine to embark on a dangerous quest to rescue his one true love.

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