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Rantings of a Weedhead: The Plight of an Idealist

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Did you ever one day wake up and realise that life, and that is to say "living" completely lacks meaning? You look about you and everything that there is to work for, and everything that there is to strive for, is not only entirely meaningless, but would slowly consume your soul? Because the value that is placed on these things far exceeds its true value, and the effort required to attain them therefore would find you withering away from your failure to perform, or losing yourself gradually in your desire to excel. When the ideal is but a dream, bordering on fairy tale, would you rather:
a) Go to bed and keep dreaming
b) Lose yourself in reality, or
c) Charge ahead regardless?
Jamaicans have a saying when taking tests, "When in doubt, choose C."
This is something of a story of one idealistic weedhead, getting from the point of no meaning, to tasting for real the ideal.

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