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Song of the Spring Peepers

Length: 217 pages3 hours


Jacob and Tyler have been best friends since first grade at William Dawes Elementary in Litchfield, Massachusetts. They’ve gone to each other’s birthday parties and played at recess. But the summer after fourth grade, Tyler changes and will now be known as Brianna. He’d always been a girl inside, just not on the outside.

Jacob understands fifth grade will be interesting for both of them. It’s not going to be easy. He worries about the class tough guy and a teacher who makes everybody miserable. He thinks about the girl he secretly loves and if he’ll have the courage to talk to her. Jacob wonders how he’ll protect his best friend when Brianna’s secret is revealed. Can Jacob use the power of his words to unite the gang and get the grown-ups on their side?

A fiction book for kids, Song of the Spring Peepers follows ordinary students as they deal with questions of identity, bullying, prejudice, love, and loyalty. It will be a year the students at William Dawes will remember.

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