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A Small Compilation of Weird and Twisted Tales

Length: 54 pages50 minutes


In A Small Compilation of Weird and Twisted Tales there are four fictional stories that deal with the supernatural:

In 'Ride to Camp' the long anticipated road trip to camp has finally arrived. And for two teenagers events of that fateful day are about to unfold not into a wonderful, happy family experience, but into a deadly and horrific turn of events.

In the story 'Two-Way Reflection' a group of young boys who are at the bottom of the barrel are relocated to a garbage landfill to procure their subsistence. Despite the harshness and depravity of something more sinister lurks between the mounds of rubbish.

In the short tale 'Second Chance' destiny has bequeathed a man with an opportunity at another life. However, unbeknownst to him, fate and destiny had already conspired against him.

In 'A Haunted Echo' the story deals with a man's childhood fear he never outgrows. In particular, he recently entertains a horrible dread concerning haunted houses, but not as an image but as an echo.

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