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I'm Enough

Length: 103 pages1 hour


In the prime of her life, Niki, a beautiful professional young woman becomes captivated by a charming well-educated young man, David. The two were instantly attracted to one another and they become quite the duo. committed to making the relationship flourish, Niki relocates to begin a new life with David. As the chemistry between the two deepened so did the sex, love and lies. Though the couple had the foresight of building a life together, they both had secrets. After Niki learned of David’s secret, turmoil quickly rocked the relationship. Facing the chaos and toxicity of holding the relationship together, Niki began to discover more about herself than she could have ever imagined. Through reflection, self-evaluation and accountability she learns that the relationship with the love of her life, not only presented itself with confusion, agitation and disappointment but it also came with a compass to navigate her back to the very issues in which she used David to escape.

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