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If only he had not had the idea to end the segregation and hatred of the universe. Yet maybe, he thought, his daughter would. If she survived. No. He reprimanded himself inside. When she survived.
Eylene Miller is an imaginative little girl who lives in a village of simplicity and kindness closed off from the rest of society on Earth. She has not a worry in the world or any knowledge of the malice that exists in the universe. Until she is taken to Alyxia.
Suddenly taken away from her home and family, Eylene discovers she is the daughter of a renowned wizard she had only read about in storybooks and the target of the very evil force that is beginning to take hold of the universe, planet by planet. Because not only is she the last of her kind; in her possession is a powerful source of life that others would kill — and die — for. And she has no idea who is and isn't trying to take it from her.

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