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Simple Diet, Beautiful You

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Want to lose weight, look and feel better, and/or live in a higher state of health? While this is not a weight loss book, it can help you lose weight, if you need to. And while it does not contain the secret to the "fountain of youth", it can help you look and feel younger.

Simple Diet contains all the essentials to help you become a more beautiful person, inside and out, presented in a unique way that is easy for anyone to understand and implement. At the same time, it includes the principles of healthy eating that can prevent a myriad of autoimmune and degenerative diseases. And if this information truly is new to you, you need it.

It contains the secret to health that is not so much a secret, but lost information. Lost, because since the Industrial Revolution people have become obsessed with convenience over health. Lost, because since the wave of technology during the past few decades, people have become more interested in cramming their heads with knowledge than with working toward a high quality of life into old age.

It has been lost, but it is slowly being found. It is being rediscovered by those who desire it, because it is out there to be found, if only you look. Reading this book is a huge step in the right direction. It begins by helping you transition into a healthy eating lifestyle.

But it's not just about food. To be truly healthy, you need to get your thought life under control. This book details how to do that, as well.


Included in this book is a section entitled "Healthy Fast Food", which shows you how to get three homemade meals on the table every day in a total of thirty minutes.

Even better, the last section of the book, "Delectably Dark," reveals the history and health benefits of dark chocolate. It also contains over twenty recipes to help alleviate your chocolate cravings.

All the information you need to make you look and feel better. Life-changing (and mouth-watering!) information from a 20+-year veteran health nut.

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