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You Have to Put Out to Go Out

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From the book: “What most people don’t know... is the “entertainment-industry”, at large... operates on ONE principle. That principal is: “You’ve got to ‘put out’, to go out.” – I call it the “Prom-theory”; you don’t need to wear panties, if you want to go to the prom.” I remember back to my high school days; admittedly, I may not have been the ‘best looking’ guy in class, OR... the ‘most popular’. But, I was more than acceptable on every level... looks, popularity, and foremost, being in “the IN group.” Therefore, when Prom-Night approached, I looked over the field, rated them... and when I decided to ask one in particular if she wanted to go to the Prom with me, the first thing I asked was, “Do you think it’s necessary to wear panties to go to the Prom?” Now admittedly, that usually insulted the first three girls; but, guess what... the next seven usually giggled and said, “My mother does, but I don’t.” Boom, I had my date.
The ‘entertainment industry’ at large is that way. I have various contacts in the entertainment industry – movies, television, music... even at the local-media level. The one common denominator they all told me was... “If you see the Weather-Girl on in Peoria, Illinois... You can be sure she ‘put out’ to get that job.” Then they usually added: “She’s also continuing to put out to keep it.” Too many big shots in each industry have reiterated each other, for it to be wrong.
Several auditions come to mind, but one in particular was a real stand out. She was a slightly plump, blond, early-40s lady named Michele, who I met at a grocery store. I thought she was kind of hot for an older woman, so I made up a ruse, asking her for some help in selecting some vegetables. It was one of those larger supermarkets with a small food area, and I invited her to take a break and have a cup of coffee with me. As we talked, I found her even more attractive, so I handed her my entertainment-card and explained the situation to her. She asked me if it was really ‘real’, and I assured her it was. So, in the continuing conversation, we liked each other well enough to go to the next level, and agreed on a time and date for her to come over to my studio for an audition, (which is in my home.)

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