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The Many Worlds of Dean: Book 1 - Mars

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Dean Danforth is an average teenager. An extremely intelligent teenager, but average in all other respects. With the surprise win of an essay contest, Dean is awarded with the chance to embark upon a fantastic adventure. If he can overcome the nearly impossible obstacles placed in his path, he will be set to become one of the first humans to land on Mars. As Dean works his way into adulthood, he will find many challenges to overcome. And, if can reach his destination, he will find that his adventure is just beginning.

Author Note: This is a great book for both adults and teens.It is action filled, but does not contain any profanity, gore, or sex. If you are looking for a great sci-fi adventure that is safe to let your twelve year old read, you have just found it. Beware though, while there is no profanity, the book is written with an adult vocabulary and may prove difficult for younger readers.

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