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The fate of the world — and the land of the dead — rests on Angela William’s shoulders and she will sacrifice everything if it means saving the ones she loves...
As the neutral Guardian of Information, Angela Williams is no stranger to the supernatural world. But when she’s dragged to the Spirit Realm against her will, she discovers that the land of the dead is at war, and it’s up to her to end it.
As the conditions in the Spirit Realm continue to deteriorate, Angela begins to learn about an entirely different type of ability and the part she needs to play in it. Someone sinister is working against her, stopping at nothing until Angela and her best friend, Earthen witch Aisling Green are either stripped of their abilities, or killed. But something else takes an interest and won’t stop until she’s dead. As Angela embraces her true nature, Salvatore — the werewolf she loves, and her family of trusted friends, she realizes that protecting them and saving the dead comes with a price. The only question is how much?

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