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Slingshot Past Your Training Plateau

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"Slingshot" Past Your Training Plateau

This is a high-volume bodybuilding bodypart training and workout program for the advancedtrainee. 

This is one of the few training programs out there that works in what Scott Abel calls the "cumulative" realm of training time. That is, this program is designed to specifically "overshoot" the amount of volume per bodypart you do during the course of this program. Then, when this program is done, you take one to two weeks off, and begin another training program... and that's when you find yourself suddenly "slingshotting" past your plateaus. 

If that sounds almost disappointing ("you mean I don't slingshot until the next training program!?") you need to stop buying into industry promises. For the advanced trainee, that is the kind of programming, the kind of consistency, and the kind of longer term thinking that is necessary to break through your training plateaus and take a good physique to great. 

Note that this is NOT a strength training program. It is a bodybuilding program. It is for the bodybuilder athlete looking to build an aesthetic, balanced, well-muscled physique. That means it's not about the numbers on the bar or anything like that. 

If you've been consistently training for several years and find your gains come extremely slowly -- or not at all -- this is an excellent program to add to your arsenal. This program shows you how to think "outside the box" when it comes to program design, how to think longer term and to see how one training program can lead into the next, and how to balance all the considerations of an advanced athlete -- namely, how to stimulate adequate muscular adaptation with adequate recovery and without overtraining, which becomes increasingly difficult as you advance. 

Get the Slingshot Training Program now, and slingshot past your training plateau!

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