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A Family Of Friends

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Friends of a small Missouri town learn to deal with love, life and controversy. They are always there for each other in good times and bad. The four Women are strong Business women. Cassie and Carrie inherited the town diner after the death of their parents. Cassie stayed to run the business, while Carrie went to Nashville to make it big in the music industry. Carrie comes home to her family after she discovers her fiancé isn't what she thought he was.
Tammy takes over the family bar and transforms it into the hottest night club around. She and her long time boyfriend have issues they fight over frequently. This makes their relationship an on-again-off-again kind of relationship.
Jackie was kicked out of her family home after an attack by a family friend. She lives with Tammy's family from the age of sixteen to eighteen. At eighteen se receives an inheritance from her grandmother and purchases a building on the square. She turns it into a boutique and starts an on-line boutique. She has loved Tammy's cousin, Joe from afar for years.
John becomes the youngest Chief of Police in their town. The job doesn't leave much time for Tammy. He spends his nights in the club watching over Tammy and longing to get her back.
Joe is an ex-Marine that was imprisoned in an enemy camp for over six months before coming home to their small town. He now works for Tammy at the club as her bartender. He has loved Jackie for years but was too shy to let her know until she starts sending him signals that she is interested in him too.
Can they all find the loves of their lives or will misunderstandings and controversy keep them apart?

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