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The Lost Yeti: Nine Years from Home

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What started as his first ‘Snipe Hunt’ with his grandfather unexpectedly turned into something else entirely, something that changed his life and the lives of his family forever.

Clark had no idea what the small, fluffy, little ball of fur was that he found sleeping behind the giant boulder, but he thought it had to be the snipe he had set out to capture. Yet, when he told the townspeople that he had actually seen a snipe, they all laughed at him and called him foolish.

Exasperated, Clark described his snipe to his grandfather, who got very nervous and told him he was never to mention what he had seen again – not to anyone. Clark and his grandfather decide to bring the little ball of fur home for grandmother to examine and determine what they should do. Grandmother discovers it is a small, female something that she names Betty – a human name given to something definitely not human.

The family agrees that for her safety they must keep Betty’s true identity a secret. They decide to raise her as a member of their family in an effort to keep her out of the hands of those who would want to study such a creature and especially away from those who may want to cause her harm.

Join the family as the story of Betty unfolds. It will leave you smiling, crying, and in awe of the possibilities of our vast universe. You will soon discover how Betty ended up behind the boulder, what planet she is from and her real family’s plans to return to take her home again –– peacefully or forcibly is completely determined by how Betty has been treated by the earthlings.

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