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Tackling Black Moods and Depression

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Table of Contents

Reasons for Black Moods
Tips For Controlling Black Moods
Taking That Chance
Facing a Disappointment
Laughter and Music Therapy
Sleep – the Great Restorer
Meditation and Exercise
Plant and Garden Therapy
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Being human beings, especially in an age where stress and strain, as well as tension is a part of human life, is it a surprise that most of us keep suffering from tension induced Black moods. Call them whatever you like – bad tempered, tantrums, disinclination to enjoy anything, gruffness, and a feeling that there is no joy left in life and what is the use of continuing to struggle on in a thankless existence?

This book is going to tell you all about Black moods and depression and how they can be potentially harmful for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

There are a number of people all over the world who spend most of their lives in the depths of despair. When asked the reason why their mood is so pessimistic, or gloomy, they do not have a definite explanation for this phenomenon. Many times this is just to gain attention and soon it becomes a chronic habit because those persons find out that there are going to be people around them trying to coax and cajole them into a better temper.

I remember enjoying one of DE Stevenson’s very well written books “The Blue Sapphire” in which the young heroine Julia Harcourt is really glad to get away from her house. Her father was a charming young man, and spoiled in the bargain by his family and the people around him. He imagined that he could get away with anything. And he did something unforgivable for which the family never forgave him.
So he spent the rest of his life, making his wife and daughter’s life miserable, because spoiled brats get depressed when they do not get their own way. And as she said to her uncle Randall, “father has spent his life wrapped up in a brown blanket. He never loved me. He has always been miserable. ”And his daughter escaped that house of gloom and melancholy as soon as she could, and never went back again.

So if you are subject to those fits of Black moods, not only are you make the people around you unhappy and miserable, but you are also going to suffer from plenty of psychological, emotional, physical and mental problems.

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