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This Supergirl Has No Powers

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In a school for super powered, supernatural students, one doesn't fit in. She comes from the most prestigious family well known for their superpowers, yet Winter Mangalow thinks that she is just a normal girl.
Her family all keep telling her that one day her powers would shine through, but now. at the age of seventeen, almost eighteen, she no longer believes them.
Her school life is hell with everyone looking down on her because of her lack of powers. With her Dad being the Principal, it meant that she couldn't even attend a different school.
Both the bane of her existence and the only joy in her day is one Caspian Anderson, the most powerful student in the school.
When at school he acts like the biggest, most arrogant jerk she had ever known and she despises the way he acts. However, Winter has a secret, she knows Caspian very well.
He may not acknowledge her at school, but every afternoon he was all hers. He was the best friend that any girl could wish for. He was sweet, kind, and funny. He never let the fact that she had no powers bother him then at all.
With the arrival of the psychic, Zeke, her life became in disarray. He understood her; he knew what it felt like to be the outsider. He told her that he had come from a place where he was misunderstood too. Zeke seemed immensely happy to meet Winter, even though he befriended Caspian too.
Why Caspian had a problem with it, Winter doesn't understand. It wasn’t like he went out of his way to be friends with her during school hours.
Even as Winter and Zeke get closer, Caspian becomes increasingly unhappy and agitated with her. She can't change things though, after all in the long run all she can prove is that she has no powers, but maybe she will be surprised.

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