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Rusty Spurs

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Cowboy Poetry about the cowboys life, past, present, and future. Some of the poems really hit home today, just like in the one titled "Cable Ready". Then there are those that are a little sad, others that are funny, and others that are just about the everyday life of the traditional cowboy. The "real" cowboy ceased to exist by about 1910 because of things like freight trains and barbed wire. Freight trains eliminated the need for long cattle drives, and barbed wire was able to keep a herd of cattle confined indefinitely.

This eBook has 33 poems and two short stories:

The Black Stallion
The Ranch Handyman
Work History
The Rodeo Experience
A Worn Friendship
Cable Ready
Packin’ A Rod
The Breakdown
Too Tough To Die
Unscheduled Departure
Under The Mylar Dome
The Slickers Losing Hand
The Cowboys Personal Possessions
The Legendary West Texas Oil Well
A Faded Horse
A Cowboy’s Lament
A Fresh Start
Down Home Comfort
Just Passin’ Through
My Friend Doc
The Rookie
The Dude
The Best Job
The Best Seat In The West
The Greenhorns Attention To Detail
The Perils Of A Chuck Wagon Cook
The Ranch Hands Dental Appointment
The Rocket Ride
When Bad Luck Rears Its Ugly Head
Blame (Just an old Cowboy Saying)
Short Story: The Legend of Mongrel Smith
Short Story: The Phantom Stampede

The Cowboy's of today have a relatively easy job considering the Internet, pick-up trucks, ATV's and other items that the OLD cowboy didn't have access to. We hope you enjoy the book and we sincerely hope it makes you smile and think about our history.

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